Denver, the Mile High City, is a clean, young and green city full of unexpected surprises. It is located on high, rolling plains, east of a high mountain barrier. It has a mild, dry and arid climate. The city records 300 days of sunshine a year -- 'more annual hours of sun than San Diego or Miami Beach'. Although considered “Western” in character, Denver is located in the center of the country, just 346 miles (557 km) west of the exact center of the continental United States. It is filled with history, art, culture, entertainment and energy - all in a beautiful urban environment at the foot of the Rocky Mountains according to Denver Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau.

In my view, a local newspaper provides one of the best sources of information about any city. The offers regularly updated, comprehensive online news and information services about the Rocky Mountain Empire, and brings you the latest in news, business and sports. The four states, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona are commonly called the Rocky Mountain states.

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