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Products (& Accomplishments) since Fall 2002
1. Initial draft of my personal log and doctoral portfolio, Fall 2002 High-Performance Work Systems
for EDLI 7100, January 10, 2003
2. AAPT 2003 PP presentation
Colorado-Wyoming Chap. Meeting
and Standards and HOT Skills
Presented, March 8, 2003
3. Critique of an empirical study, research proposal, et al. for EDLI 7000, April 26, 2003
4. NSF 03-524, preliminary proposal prepared for the National Science Foundation. Submitted to NSF on May 1, 2003 "STRONG" prototype developed in collaboration with Physicon, Ltd. Moscow, member of the Open Teach Group.
5. Smart Education EDUC 7700 12/2002, Edited February 2003 ITFORUM Discussion thread, June 2-7, & some Bouquets that week.
6. First draft of storyboard for "Trail Ahead: Motion & Forces in Nature" - A "STRONG" Activity. for NSF Grant. Learning Goals, and Higher Order Thinking Skills. July 11, 2003.
7. Paper presentation at AAPT 127th National Meeting, 2003 Madison, WI. Announcer Abstract. Conceptual Physics Through Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Games, August 4, 2003. PP Slides.
8. Paper discussion proposal for AERA Division A: Administration, Section 1: Leadership 2004 Annual Meeting. Final draft uploaded, July 31, 2003
Descriptors: Achievement, Leadership, & Self-directed learning.
9. Websites for students and parents of Angevine Middle School, Lafayette, CO, elaborating on the activities and achievements in the Tech Lab @ AMS
10. Improving student achievement through inquiry-based science and technology Article being revised, after comments from peer reviewers at the Electronic Journal for Literacy through Science
11. Simon, Herbert Alexander in . . . In F. W. English (Ed.), Encyclopedia of educational leadership and administration (Vol. 2, pp. 930-931). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
12. Facilitating students' conceptual understanding of physical science and mathematics through inquiry and "STRONG" games Two-year $986 K contextual project proposal submitted to NSF for review by Division of Research, Evaluation, and Communication - Not Funded
13. Kurt Lewin - Social scientist or postmodern critic? for EDLI 7831, July 2004
14. Fuzzy Expert Systems Presented on November 4, 2004 to colleagues from CSC 7001: AI-based Decision Making

15. Innovative methods of teaching and learning science and engineering in middle schools

Presented in
Orlando, Florida, USA. International Institute of Informatics and Systemics

In F. Malpica, F. Welsch, A. Tremante, & J. Lawler (Eds.), The 3rd International Conference on Education and Information Systems: Technologies and Applications: Vol. 1.Proceedings (pp. 174–178), Orlando, FL.
July 14 - 17, 2005

Selected as the best paper of those presented at EISTA 2005 in the session: Education of Science and Engineering
16. Creative Problem Solving 70-minute breakout session presentation at the 20th Annual Colorado Technology Education Association (CTEA) Conference, November 11 - 12, 2005

Nominated by peer-professionals and elected President-Elect of CTEA for 2005-2006
17. Increasing student achievement through meaningful, authentic assessment Paper accepted "after rigorous peer review, as one of more than 1000 submitted proposals," by AACE, for presentation at the 2006 SITE 17th International Conference in Orlando, FL. March 20 - 24, 2006
18. Games and Simulations Invited Paper for the first volume of ForeSITE, supporting the SITE 17th International Conference in Orlando, FL. March 20 - 24, 2006